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Rosmarinus officinalis Chef’s Choice


Rosemary Chef’s Choice is an attractive herb for flavouring, with high oil content and aromatic foliage. Chef’s Choice is a semi prostrate rosmary growing to around 1m with blue flowers in winter and spring.

Key Features:

Rosemary Chef's Choice is immediately identifiable by its highly aromatic foliage. Look for the delicous recipes using rosemary on the back of the label!


Prune Chef's Choice sprigs as required for flavouring, or prune to shape if desired as a neat shape. Rosemary Chef's Choice prefers a sunny position, with a very low water requirement once established.

Plant Landscape:

Rosemary Chef's Choice is great for decorative pots within your outdoor entertaining area. Plant where the rosemary fragrance can be enjoyed!

  • Max Height: 80 cm
  • Size: 80cm x 1m
  • Water Rating: 1
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