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Salvia Blue Bouquetta

Salvia Blue Bouquetta is super compact growing to only 20cm high and wide. It is very well [ more ]

Salvia farinacea Bicolour Blue

Salvia Samira Bicolour Blue features purple to mauve blooms on a neat and tidy plant with [ more ]

Salvia farinacea Samira Arctic Blue

Salvia Samira Artic Blue features mauve blooms that lighten at the tips. It is a neat [ more ]

Salvia farinacea Samira Violet

Salvia Samira Violet features vibrant purple blooms on a neat and tidy plant with mid green [ more ]

Salvia Officinalis Silver Sabre

This multi-purpose sage has the striking look to enhance any garden, plus the delicious flavour of [ more ]

Salvia x jamensis Ignition Purple

Salvia Ignition Purple grows to approximately 60cm x 60cm and features intensely vibrant deep purple flowers [ more ]

Sambucus Nigra Black Tower

Sambucus Black Tower is a dramatic new Black Elder with a stunning, upright columnar form, that [ more ]

Sarcococca hookeriana Winter Gem

Winter Gem features larger than average, glossy green leaves, with highly scented white flowers in winter.

Sedum hybrid Birthday Party

As well as having great form, Birthday Party will dazzle you with its huge, deep rose [ more ]

Sedum hybrid Dark Magic

Sedum Dark Magic features stunning purple foliage, multiple crowns of flowers in the first year, short [ more ]

Sedum hybrid Desert Black

Desert Black blooms from late summer to early autumn, features a strongly branched habit, and is [ more ]

Sedum hybrid Desert Red

Sedum Desert Red blooms from late summer to early autumn, features a strongly branched habit, and [ more ]

Sedum hybrid Hot Stuff

Not only does Hot Stuff have great form, but they bloom from late summer to early [ more ]

Sedum hybrid Mr. Goodbud

It has a more upright habit and is of shorter stature compared to other Sedum’s.

Sedum hybrid Thunderhead

The grey-green foliage is the perfect backdrop to the long lasting flowers.

Syzygium australe Cinnamon Twist

A compact growing Syzygium with glossy mature foliage, this foliage becomes the backdrop to fantastic cinnamon [ more ]

Syzygium australe Sunset Delight

The new growth is a standout feature to Sunset Delight with extremely vibrant orange tips appearing [ more ]