If you’ve ever sold a house you would probably be familiar with the improvements you may consider before putting your house on the market; repainting, decluttering and for older homes; maybe a bathroom or kitchen renovation. 

However, when it comes to adding value, a garden just might be your best return on investment. Your front garden provides the first impressions of your home, street appeal is important…particularly when it comes to selling.

Research shows that well-maintained gardens in Australia, can increase the value of your home by an average of 12% and, up to 20% in some cases; and provides an estimated return on investment of a healthy 3.6 x dollars spent! 

Make the most of the current situation and use your spare time to your advantage; increase the value of your home BUT don’t underestimate the value of the time and effort spent in the garden. Consider this, while kitchens and bathrooms date and the smell of your freshly painted house disappears, your efforts and investment in the garden are only increasing over time as the plants establish and grow.

Not only can you reap the benefits of landscaping when you sell your home but a well thought out garden has been shown to decrease the use of heating and cooling


A nice green front lawn is always appealing; if your lawn lacks lustre or you want to reduce the maintenance aspect of mowing and maintaining, you might consider a lawn alternative as in the image above. Mass planting of Lomandra LittleLime or Lomandra Misty Green would make a great lawn alternative and if you are dealing with dry conditions, will use far less water than a lawn. Lawn alternatives are best not walked on, they are better suited to front yards where the lawn is mostly aesthetic.

Don’t forget the backyard, you want to create an inviting space where people can relax. Hedges or plantings along fence lines provides the feeling of extra privacy and is much more pleasing to the eye than a paling fence. Some low maintenance, evergreen options are Syzygium Sunset Delight & Photinia Wonder Hedge. If you would prefer something with more flowers Buddleia and Nerrium are fabulous easy care options.


Maybe your garden has good structure and a bit of a tidy up and a few new plants here and there is all you need, you may have a blank canvas and the possibilities are endless. You can find some inspiration here and then visit your local garden centre for your requirements.

Oh, and one more tip. Take before and after pictures! From experience, you will kick yourself if you don’t.