Our Services

Touch of Class Plants specialise in the production, distribution, management and marketing of quality, modern plants.

Looking at releasing a new plant? Touch of Class Plants can help and guide you through the process of propagation, label design, marketing and promotion, and retail rollout. We can ensure that your plant recieves the maximum amount of exposure and oversee its release throughout Australia, and overseas.

Plant Management

Specialising in plant management, Touch of Class Plants can effectively and efficiently manage your exciting new plant from tubestock propagation, through to retail sales.

Plant Marketing & Promotion

Touch of Class Plants are specialists in plant marketing and promotion. We can ensure that your new plants recieve media attention and publicity with print advertisements and online media, covering a wide range of target audiences.

Custom Design

Using our in-house graphic designer, we are able to create custom plant labels, point of sale banners, point of sale flyers, and online media to ensure that all new plants stand out from the crowd.

If you have any questions, or would like more information about the management and promotion of your plant, feel free to contact us.