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Callistemon Brogo Overflow

A stunning Callistemon growing 1.5m x 1.5m and featuring mid green leaves on arching branches that [ more ]

Callitris oblonga nana

This new and improved native conifer features an extremely dense growing habit. It has small blue [ more ]

Calothamnus quadrifidus Dusty Grey

The upright long stems of Calothamnus Dusty Grey are covered in a soft and furry silvery [ more ]

Calothamnus quadrifidus Golden Feathers

Golden Feathers™ is a very hardy shrub with long stems of vibrant green foliage and grows [ more ]

Campanula panctata Pantaloons

A stunning campanula growing 30cm x 30cm and featuring large double light purple bell shaped flowers [ more ]

Campanula portenschlagniana x poscharskyana Birch Hybrid

An excellent hybrid Campanula displaying masses of violet-blue coloured, bell shaped flowers from mid spring through [ more ]

Carex trifida variegated Goldy Locks

This stunning Carex is a fast grower, it features green and creamy gold variegation through the [ more ]

Caryopteris clandonensis Summer Sorbet

Summer Sorbet is a fantastic new selection of the clandonensis species, with showy vibrant green and [ more ]

Caryopteris x clandonensis White Surprise

From mid to late Summer, White Suprise blooms with attractive lavender blue flowers.

Casuarina glauca prostrate It & A Bit

This fantastic new release prostrate Casuarina is It & A Bit! Casuarina It & A Bit [ more ]

Ceanothus Blue Sapphire

Dwarf ground covering plant featuring clusters of dark blue flowers in late spring set upon striking [ more ]

Chamelaucium Dancing Queen

A unique double wax flower variety featuring an abundance of blooms ranging from soft pink to [ more ]

Chamelaucium Moonlight Delight

Masses of large glossy red buds in mid winter are followed by an adundance of large [ more ]

Chamelaucium My Sweet 16

From early spring, masses of pure white flowers open upon a backdrop of fresh, green, fine [ more ]

Chamelaucium Sarah’s Delight

A vibrant pink wax blooms with a crimson red centre open upon a backdrop of fresh, [ more ]

Choisya x dewitteana White Dazzler

It flowers twice a year, features clusters of small white flowers, and has a lovely scent [ more ]

Citrus Lemonicious

To ensure your plant remains looking fantastic, we recommend planting in a large tub or decorative [ more ]

Citrus aurantifolia Sublime

Citus Sublime is an improved form of citrus aurantifolia. Sublime grows more compact and is virtually [ more ]

Citrus hystrix Thai Lime TM

The aromatic leaves of Thai Lime are an important ingredient in Thai cuisine. Leaves can be [ more ]

Clematis Southern Stars

An attractive low growing ground covering shrub, Clematis Southern Stars has glorious white star shaped flowers [ more ]

Clematis petriei x marmoraria Perfection

An attractive low growing ground covering shrub with small white flowers with lime green centres that [ more ]

Convolvulus angustissimus Pink Sapphire

A hardy native groundcover growing 10cm high x 1.5m wide. During spring and summer the fresh [ more ]

Convolvulus cneorum Silver Pearl

Silver Pearl is a very compact, multi-branching Convolvulus – when it flowers, it really flowers!

Coprosma Evening Glow

A very hardy plant that will add a splash of colour to any garden. During autumn [ more ]

Coprosma Golden Glow

This plant will add a splash of colour to any garden. During autumn and winter vibrant [ more ]

Coprosma Inferno

Bred from the famous Coprosma Evening Glow, Coprosma Inferno is a great little evergreen shrub that [ more ]

Coprosma Lemon & Lime

The lime green and bright yellow summer tones of the foliage intensify in the winter to [ more ]

Coprosma Middlemore

A very hardy versatile plant with small vibrant glossy emerald green leaves, very compactg evergreen shrub [ more ]

Coprosma Rainbow Surprise

Extremely hardy evergreen shrub growing 1.5m high. Attractive variegated foliage transforms from a pale cream in [ more ]

Coprosma Tequila Sunrise

This plant features a vibrant variety of foliage colours ranging from lime green to yellow during [ more ]

Coprosma repens Fireburst

A hardy shrub with stunning obovate variegated foliage. The colour transforms form cream pink tones during [ more ]

Coprosma repens Royale

The colourful Coprosma Royal has a columnar form making it ideal for small hedges.

Coprosma species Cappuccino

Stunning foliage colour along with its very compact growing habit and natural conical shape makes this [ more ]

Coprosma species Karo Red

It’s striking black-red foliage, very compact growth and hardy nature make this plant a must for [ more ]

Cordyline Albertii

Cordyline Albertii is remarkable with a head of sword shaped green leaves that have a cream [ more ]

Cordyline Sidekick

Cordyline Sidekick is complemented by strongly scented cream coloured flowers that are borne from many panicles [ more ]

Cordyline australis Cabernett

Cordyline Cabernett is a stunning new architectural plant. Cabernett will grow to approximately 2 metres in [ more ]

Cordyline australis Can Can

The new strappy foliage is a striking, bright variegation of pink on red, maturing to a [ more ]

Cordyline australis Cha Cha

The young strap-like leaves are a warm complementary blend of apricot and brown, changing as the [ more ]

Cordyline australis Choc Mint

This fantastic new Cordyline selection features chocolate brown and mint green variegated foliage, giving it a [ more ]

Cordyline australis Designer Burgundy

Cordyline Burgundy features spikes of scented white flowers. When these appear, they give the plant a [ more ]

Cordyline australis Jive

The new foliage comes through with a bright variegation of cream on bright emerald green. As [ more ]

Cordyline australis Midnight Star

Unusually coloured foliage, dark midnight wine. Will eventually flower, coloured white, though flowers are quite insignificant.

Cordyline australis Pink Passion

Cordyline Pink Passion is a hardy clump forming cordyline with an upright habit. Cordyline Pink Passion [ more ]

Cordyline australis Red Star

Lovely ruby red to burgandy foliage. Flowering in summer, with long white to tan drooping panicles.

Cordyline australis Salsa

The young strap-like leaves are a vibrant mix of pink on red that deepen in colour [ more ]

Cordyline australis x Renegade

Cordyline Renegade is a dwarf Cordyline that only grows to 1m x 1m with a compact [ more ]

Cordyline kirkii

Low growing form. Beautiful dark green foliage. Multi-stemmed, clumping.

Coreopsis Cherry Pie

Coreopsis Cherry Pie creates a cushiony mound of small, deep red daisies with overlapping petals through [ more ]

Coreopsis Fruit Punch

Coreopsis Fruit Punch features self cleaning flowers and a naturally compact habit.

Coreopsis Mango Punch

Coreopsis Mango Punch features self cleaning flowers and a naturally compact habit.

Correa Salmon Mantle

A stunning Australian native growing prostrate to 30cm x 1m. From autumn through winter, this hardy [ more ]

Correa alba hybrid

A stunning Australian native growing from 80cm to 1m. From autumn through winter this hardy plant [ more ]

Correa glabra Rock Correa

A stunning Australian native growing to approximatley 2m x 1.5m. From autumn through winter, this hardy [ more ]

Correa pulchella Bicheno Bell

A stunning Australian native growing to 50cm x 50cm. From autumn through winter, this hardy plant [ more ]

Correa pulchella Orange Glow

A stunning plant forming a compact mound 30-40cm high. During autmn through winter this hardy native [ more ]

Correa reflexa hybrid Federation Bell

A stunning Australian native growing to around 1.5m. From summer to winter this hardy plant produces [ more ]

Correa reflexa var. Flared Bell

A stunning Australian native growing from 80cm to 1m. From autumn through winter this hardy plant [ more ]

Correa reflexa var. Granny’s Grave

A stunning Australian native growing 50cm x 50cm. From autumn through winter this hardy plant produces [ more ]

Crowea exalata Stellarose

Growing 60cm x 60cm, this very hardy, easy to grow plant is ideal in most garden [ more ]

Crowea exalata x saligna Coopers Classic

It features an abundance of deep, dark pink flowers that appear during spring. These flowers create [ more ]

Cupressus sempervirens Glauca Pencil Pine

A stunning conifer with blue-green foliage growing in a very tight, erect column.

Cytisus x dellimorei Volcano

A small compact growing broom from the U.K. This heavy flowering shrub growing to only 1m [ more ]