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Polygala chaemaebuxus ssp. grandiflora Fairy Lights


A beautiful dwarf, evergreen, alpine shrublet forming neat tufts 10 to 15cm high. Masses of flowers with purple wings and yellow keel appear in profusion from late autumn to early spring, giving off a sweet, gentle fragrance.

Key Features:

Small growing, gentle fragrance


Prefers sunny well drained position. Feed with a slow release, low phosphorus fertiliser in Spring.

Plant Landscape:

Ideal for decorative pots, small garden borders. Excellent affect when planted in mass.

  • Growth Rate: Moderate
  • Max Height: 10 cm
  • Size: 10cm to 15cm
  • Position: Sunny, well drained soil
  • Water Rating: 1
  • Synonyms: None known
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