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Lomandra cylindrica Lime Wave


Lomandra Lime Wave is an attractive selection of Lomandra featuring long bright green foliage, forming a graceful weeping clump 70cm x 70cm. During spring and summer Lomandra Lime Wave has bright yellow blooms that appear on flower stems reaching out as long as the foliage.

Key Features:

Lomandra Limewave has green fine foliage and delicate yellow blooms.


Lomandra Lime Wave is non invasive and easy to maintain and prefers a sunny position in free draining soil.

Plant Landscape:

Lime Wave is a great Lomandra ideal for patio pots, rockeries, borders, paths and retaining walls. It is perfect for softening harsh edges in the garden.

  • Max Height: 70 cm
  • Size: 70cm x 70cm
  • Water Rating: 1
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