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Cordyline australis Cabernett


Cordyline Cabernett is a stunning new architectural plant. Cabernett will grow to approximately 2 metres in height and with its mainly multi stemmed habit can be approximately 1.5 metres wide. The plant features wonderful foliage coloured just like a Cabernet red wine. This foliage is sword shaped and can reach lengths of 1.5 metres. After time, in summer, Cabernett blooms with white to cream flowers. These flowers appear high above the foliage on long drooping panicles.

Key Features:

Cordyline Cabernett has stunning cabernet wine coloured foliage. Cordyline Cabernett has a semi / upright habit with long weeping foliage.


Cabernett prefers to be grown in the full sun or part shade, and is tolerant to drought and moderate frosts. It can be planted in coastal environments, in most soil types, and will perform at its best in a well drained soil. To give your plant the best start we recommend applying a top quality soil wetter when planting and a top quality potting mix. Maintenance requirements are very low, spent flowers and foliage can be removed as required. The trunk of Cabernett time will look better if the old foliage is torn away rather than cut away. Fertilise Cabernett annually with an all purpose controlled release fertiliser.

Plant Landscape:

A great colourful addition to any garden or landscape, Cordyline Cabernett also looks very classy in decorative pots. Can be used en mass or as feature plants. Cabernett is great to add a touch of contrast in your garden. Row out in larger landscapes or plant in groups for spectacular effects.

  • Growth Rate: Moderate to fast
  • Max Height: 200 cm
  • Size: 2m x 1.5m
  • Position: Prefers full sun to part shade
  • Water Rating: 2
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