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Coprosma Inferno


Bred from the famous Coprosma Evening Glow, Coprosma Inferno is a great little evergreen shrub that has interest and life all year round. During spring and summer the foliage of Inferno has wonderful variegations of lime green edged in red. As the weather cools the colours change to brilliant pinks and deep red.


Coprosma Inferno will tolerate coastal conditions. Inferno can be trimmed to any shape you desire, and will encourage lush new growth.

Plant Landscape:

Coprosma Inferno is excellent for general gardening, small hedges and mass plantings. Inferno is ideal as a container plant that combines superbly with any terracotta pot. It is a hardy shrub that will grow to 1.5m x 1.5m.

  • Water Rating: 1
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