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Campanula portenschlagniana x poscharskyana Birch Hybrid


An excellent hybrid Campanula displaying masses of violet-blue coloured, bell shaped flowers from mid spring through to winter. It will spread above and below ground. The leaves have a wavy edge and are closely packed.

Key Features:

Cup shaped purple-blue bell flowers


Deadheading will encourage a prolonged bloom, foliage does not require pruning. It is tolerant to coastal conditions and frost. Birch Hybrid has a low water requirement once established. For best results feed in spring with a controlled release fertiliser.

Plant Landscape:

Ideal for rockeries, small gardens, landscapes or containers. Companion planting with grass varieties is very effective.

  • Growth Rate: Fast
  • Max Height: 15 cm
  • Size: 15cm x 60cm
  • Position: Full sun to part shade
  • Water Rating: 1
  • Synonyms: None known
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