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Agave attenuata variegated Silver Trim


Agave Silver Trim has stylish fleshy grey – green foliage, with each leaf being bordered by a striking silver border. Growing to around 50cm. Agave Silver Trim forms a neat flower like clump with pups forming at the base.

Key Features:

Agave Silver Trim has stunning variegated foliage, forming large open flower like clumps. A great architectural plant that looks amazing when planted en mass.


Agave Silver Trim prefers a sunny to partly shaded position in free draining soil and will need protection from frosts. Fertilise Silver Trim annually with a long term slow release fertiliser.

Plant Landscape:

Agave Silver Trim is an eye catching addition to any garden and also looks fantastic in a decorative pot.

  • Max Height: 50 cm
  • Size: 50cm
  • Water Rating: 1
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