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Acacia Winter Flame


A hardy dwarf native growing to approximately 80cm high and 1m wide Acacia Winter Flame features vibrant green fine foliage, and vibrant orange tips. When mature, Winter Flame creates a soft compact mound.

Key Features:

Acacia Winter Flame features a compact dwarf habit and vibrant green fine foliage.


Acacia Winter Flame is a hardy shrub with a very low water requirement once established. Prune as require and fertilise with a long term slow release native fertiliser.

Plant Landscape:

Acacia Winter Flame is a valuable addition to any garden. The fine, green foliage, and vibrant orange tips add texture and a softening effect to the landscape.

  • Max Height: 80cm cm
  • Size: 80cm x 1m
  • Water Rating: 1
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