Xterior Designer™

With outdoor rooms and entertaining areas a must-have in today’s homes, Xterior Designer™  makes it easier for you to colour match your garden and interior design to create a seamless and aesthetically pleasing alfresco area.

Our Colour Swatch matching system will allow you to match the colour and hue of plants with your planned or existing colour scheme. Whether you are looking for a flowing environment from inside to out, or a high contrast scene to depict the change in rooms, Xterior Designer™  will have you coloured.

Xterior Designer™  is simple and easy to use. Just match your pots, cushions, prints, etc, with your desired plants! With a wide range of plants included in the Xterior Designer™  Colour Swatch system, there is a plant to suit everyone’s taste.

These plants have been chosen for their high impact colours and great garden impact form, making it even easier for you to have a garden that looks like it has been designed by a professional.