Touch of Class Edible Range

This range features a variety of plants that are not only a great addition to the garden, but can be used in everyday cooking! These plants are suitable for most garden sizes and types, and are picked for their hardiness, ease of care, and the fruit / foliage they grow.

Look out for the tasty recipes on the back of the labels… Yum!

Citrus Sublime

Citrus Sublime is a brilliant lime tree for your patio, that produces full size juicy fruit. A fantastic pot plant for your outdoor area.

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Citrus Lemonicious

Citrus Lemonicious is a compact growing small tree, bearing very juicy, and versatile home grown fruit. In a large pot, Citrus Lemonicious reaches around 1.5m x 1m, creating the ultimate decorative pot for your outdoor living area.

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Laurus Baby Bay

Laurus Baby Bay is the ideal choice for the smaller garden, pot & container work, not to forget use in the herb garden. Laurus Baby Bay is an excellent option for hedging those tight spaces in any landscape. It’s foliage can be used to add flavour when cooking.

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Laurus Flavour Master

Flavor Master Bay Tree is the ideal choice for the smaller garden, pot and container, not to forget use in the herb garden. Flavor Master Bay Tree is an excellent new columnar growing selection. Look out for the tasty recipes on the back of the label… Yum!

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Lycium Goji Berry

Goji juice, dried berries and chocolate coated Goji Berries are the latest health trend around the world. World-wide demand for the berries have made them expensive to buy, so why not grow your own!?

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Olive Garden Harvest

A lovely small growing olive to 2m. Grey-green foliage is the backdrop to small white flowers followed by masses of fruit in Spring and summer. Fruit is equally as suitable for table as it is for oil.

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Rosemary Chef’s Choice

Rosemary Chef’s Choice is the perfect addition to this warming, winter dish. Being high in oil content makes it perfect as a garnish in a variety of dishes, and can bring a great burst of flavour! Included on the back of the label are a couple of great recipes for you to try.

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