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Hebe diosmifolia hybrid Garden Beauty


An attractive evergreen shrub which grows to form a neat shrub 50cm x 1m. Light pink to lilac blooms are borne upon its branches in spring creating a brilliant display. Garden Beauty has small leaves up to 15mm long.

Key Features:

Small growing shrub. Light pink to lilac blooms.


Prefers a sunny or partly shaded position in a well drained soil. Remove the spent flowers are required and prune after flowering to promote new growth. Fertilise in late autumn with a long term slow release fertiliser. It has a low water requirement once established. It is coastal and frost tolerant.

Plant Landscape:

Hebe Garden Beauty is an ideal garden specimen, it is handy to use as an attractive low growing hedge or in decorative pots. Would look great paired up either side of your sunny front door in decorative glazed pots.

  • Growth Rate: Medium
  • Max Height: 50 cm
  • Size: 50cm x 1m
  • Position: Full sun or partly shaded
  • Water Rating: 2
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