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Cordyline australis Midnight Star


Unusually coloured foliage, dark midnight wine. Will eventually flower, coloured white, though flowers are quite insignificant.

Key Features:

Multi or single stemmed shrub. Deep midnight wine sword shaped foliage colour, edged with a hint of silver.


Prefers a well drained soil, will tolerate coastal conditions and strong winds. Fertilise annually with a long term-slow release fertiliser. This plant has a low water requirement once established. Remove spent leaves as required.

Plant Landscape:

Looks classy in a decorative pot and would make a classy addition to any garden landscape. Compliments well in conjunction with other Cordyline varieties and Phormium varieties for example.

  • Growth Rate: Medium
  • Max Height: 250 cm
  • Size: Multi-stemmed height to 2.5m. Single-stemmed height to 4m.
  • Position: Full sun to part shade
  • Origins: New Zealand
  • Water Rating: 2
  • Synonyms: Cabbage Tree
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