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Brachycome microcarpa Clarence Coast Gem


Clarence Coast Gem is a great native groundcover growing to a height of 10-15cm and spreading to around 80cm. The plant features amethyst small flowers with bright yellow centres which appear throughout the year. It has a main flowering season through the summer months. In comparison to other Brachycome, Clarence Coast Gem has larger fleshier foliage.

Key Features:

Amethyst daisy like flowers with bright yellow centres


It prefers a sunny or partly shaded position in free draining soil. Fertilise annually with a low phosphorus native fertiliser and prune as desired. It will benefit from a prune after flowering to promote fresh new growth. Clarence Coast Gem has a very low water requirement once established. Water well during the warmer months for its first season when planted in ground, more water is required when planted in pots as with any variety.

Plant Landscape:

Ideal for rockeries and under planting en masse. Looks great on balconies and patio areas in a wide pot, shallow or deep. The fleshy green foliage is a great contrast when planted with silver foliage plants such as our Leucophyta Silver Nugget.

  • Growth Rate: Medium
  • Max Height: 15 cm
  • Size: 10-15cm x 80cm
  • Position: Sunny or partly shaded
  • Origins: NSW Australia
  • Water Rating: 1
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