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Cordyline australis Designer Burgundy

Cordyline Burgundy features spikes of scented white flowers. When these appear, they give the plant a [ more ]

Hebe Sandra Joy

Evergreen shrub with rich purple flowers to 12cm long flowering over a long period, particularly in [ more ]

Leptospermum scoparium Kea

A Very hardy, dwarf, evergreen shrub. During spring this plant is flushed with an abundance of [ more ]

Phormium tenax Black Adder

A fantastic architectural plant for modern gardens, Black Adder features stunning rich, glossy purple, semi weeping [ more ]

Coprosma repens Fireburst

A hardy shrub with stunning obovate variegated foliage. The colour transforms form cream pink tones during [ more ]

Penstemon Grape Taffy

The purple petal tips frame a pure white throat for vibrant contrast.

Westringia fruticosa Zena

A hardy evergreen shrub growing 90cm x 1m. Features crisp white, cluster flowers that are produced [ more ]

Leucadendron salignum Jack Harre

Lovely, small growing shrub. Brilliant display of red bracts which intensify during cooler weather

Escallonia x rockii Freytheyi

A very hardy, free flowering plant growing to around 3m x 2m. Freytheyi has dark green [ more ]

Escallonia langleyensis Apple Blossom

A graceful plant with arching branclets growing 1.5 m high x 1m wide. Deep glossy green [ more ]