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Pittosporum tenuifolium Silver Sheen

Attractive evergreen large shrub with balckish stems and small silvery green leaves. Very neat and tidy [ more ]

Ligularia Designer Verde

Designer Verde is already a mainstay of many landscape designs and will add great colour and [ more ]

Correa reflexa hybrid Federation Bell

A stunning Australian native growing to around 1.5m. From summer to winter this hardy plant produces [ more ]

Tulbaghia violacea Ashanti Pearl

A tough grass like plant growing to approximately 40cm high.

Grevillea lanigera Dwarf Greencape

This evergreen compact native has fine dark green foliage, which adds a striking contrast for the [ more ]

Heuchera Forever Purple

Forever Purple is a knockout with ultra-purple glossy leaves with fluted edges and great vigor.

Dianella Silverado

A clump formimg plant with destinctive green and white pattern on broad strap like foliage. Dainty [ more ]

Punica granatum nana compact Mini Magic

Mini Magic is a super compact form of Punica granatum growing approximately 20cm to 30cm in [ more ]

Acacia binervia Stirling Silver

Acacia Stirling Silver is a striking mounding plant that’s equally as hardy.

Aloe dwarf hyrbid Porcupine

Aloe Porcupine features upright medium green foliage that is graced by large, striking, bi-coloured flowers.