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Arctotis Blood Red

Very hardy clumping plant with elegant silver foliage and large blood red long stemmed flowers, 10cm [ more ]

Daphne Sweet Amethyst

Sweet Amethyst is a new and distinct variety of Daphne that exhibits a large number of [ more ]

Dianthus Angel of Harmony

The Scent from Heaven landscape carnations are brilliant selections from Dr Keith Hammett’s most recent work, [ more ]

Grevillea rhyolitica Deua Flame

A great Australian native growing 1.5m x 1.5m. This hardy shrub produces clusters of dazzling bright [ more ]

Verbena x peniviana Almira™ Peach

Large clusters of vibrant blooms grace the fresh green foliage during spring, summer and autumn; removing [ more ]

Leucadendron Ebony

Leucadendron Ebony has dark purple/charcoal coloured bracts that are highlighted by a vibrant red flower that [ more ]

Grevillea Molly

Grevillea Molly produces very large shaped flowers for nine months of the year.

Libertia ixiodes Taupo Blaze

A bright and colourful Libertia seedling selected for its fantastic winter foliage colour. In Autumn the [ more ]

Convolvulus angustissimus Pink Sapphire

A hardy native groundcover growing 10cm high x 1.5m wide. During spring and summer the fresh [ more ]

Lomandra confertifolia spp. rubiginosa Seascape

Lomandra Seascape is a stunning selection of Lomandra with dark blue-grey foliage and a graceful weeping [ more ]