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Syzygium australe Cinnamon Twist

A compact growing Syzygium with glossy mature foliage, this foliage becomes the backdrop to fantastic cinnamon [ more ]

Euphorbia hybrid x Lipstick

A stunning Euphorbia that features vibrant green large leaves and stunning hot pink blooms. These blooms [ more ]

Choisya x dewitteana White Dazzler

It flowers twice a year, features clusters of small white flowers, and has a lovely scent [ more ]

Carex trifida variegated Goldy Locks

This stunning Carex is a fast grower, it features green and creamy gold variegation through the [ more ]

Agonis flexuosa Burgandy

This stunning plant is an eye catcher in any garden. Thin, elegant burgandy leaves sit gracefully [ more ]

Arctotis Silver Pink

Very hardy clumping plant with elegant silver foliage and large silver pink long stemmed flowers, 10cm [ more ]

Sedum hybrid Desert Red

Sedum Desert Red blooms from late summer to early autumn, features a strongly branched habit, and [ more ]

Heliotropium arborescens Power Lavender

These stunning lavender blooms appear in spring through summer and have a lovely vanilla fragrance.

Liriope muscari Munroe’s White

A very hardy grass like plant with a profusion of flower spikes in late spring and [ more ]

Gaillardia Fanfare Citronella

Fanfare Citronella blooms over an exceptionally long period with a compact mounding habit that grows to [ more ]