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Gaillardia hybrida Realflor™ Sunset Flash

These blooms appear on strong stems, are colourfast, and age well over an exceptionally long period.

Pittosporum tenuifolium Golfball

An existing new generation of Pittosporum, Golf Ball is a vigorous grower, yet stays very compact [ more ]

Heuchera hybrid Spellbound

Marvellous ruffled foliage of dazzling silvers with tints of rose purple will leave you spellbound.

Leucadendron salignum Yellow Devil

A lovely small shrub to 1m. Yellow Devil is a great addition to the garden, with [ more ]

Agonis flexuosa Pink Flamingo

Thin purple leaves that feature pink variegation sit gracefully upon long weeping branches, making Agonis Pink [ more ]

Rosmarinus officinalis Chef’s Choice

Rosemary Chef’s Choice is an attractive herb for flavouring, with high oil content and aromatic foliage. [ more ]

Verbena x peniviana Almira™ Red White

Large clusters of vibrant blooms grace the fresh green foliage during spring, summer and autumn; removing [ more ]

Diascia hybrida Little Dreamer

Diascia Little Dreamer features vibrant electric pink flowers on a tight, clumping habit.

Coprosma Evening Glow

A very hardy plant that will add a splash of colour to any garden. During autumn [ more ]

Ageratum houstonianum Ariella Rose

Ariella Rose is a quick growing, compact mounding plant that reaches a height and width of [ more ]