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Lomandra confertifolia spp. rubiginosa Seascape

Lomandra Seascape is a stunning selection of Lomandra with dark blue-grey foliage and a graceful weeping [ more ]

Correa pulchella Orange Glow

A stunning plant forming a compact mound 30-40cm high. During autmn through winter this hardy native [ more ]

Dianella Silverado

A clump formimg plant with destinctive green and white pattern on broad strap like foliage. Dainty [ more ]

Abutilon hybrida Lucky Lantern Yellow

Lucky Lantern Yellow is a compact Abutilon growing 30cm x 30cm. An abundance of bright yellow [ more ]

Diascia hybrida Little Dreamer

Diascia Little Dreamer features vibrant electric pink flowers on a tight, clumping habit.

Coprosma Inferno

Bred from the famous Coprosma Evening Glow, Coprosma Inferno is a great little evergreen shrub that [ more ]

Buddleia davidii hybrid Ice Chip

This breakthrough Buddleia has all the fragance and appeal of traditional varieties in a small, easy [ more ]

Coprosma Lemon & Lime

The lime green and bright yellow summer tones of the foliage intensify in the winter to [ more ]

Acmadenia tetragona Starblush

A small compact mounded shrub with tiny bright pink flowers for most of the year with [ more ]

Trachelosprmum Sun Lover

Flowers first appear as a creamy colour before maturing to a softer shade of yellow.