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Nerium oleander Mediterranean Rose Lolita

This Nerium is perfect for adding a splash of colour to any garden.

Sedum hybrid Desert Red

Sedum Desert Red blooms from late summer to early autumn, features a strongly branched habit, and [ more ]

Rubus x loganobaccus Loganberry

The Berry Patch in a Pot™ Range features four great varieties of fruit that can be [ more ]

Rosmarinus officinalis Chef’s Choice

Rosemary Chef’s Choice is an attractive herb for flavouring, with high oil content and aromatic foliage. [ more ]

Heuchera Rave on

Heuchera Rave On features silver veiled leaves which becomes the backdrop to masses of hot pink [ more ]

Cordyline australis Cabernett

Cordyline Cabernett is a stunning new architectural plant. Cabernett will grow to approximately 2 metres in [ more ]

Leptospermum scoparium Kiwi

A very hardy dwarf evergreen shrub. Flowers abundantly during spring. Foliage is tiny, purple and glossy, [ more ]

Olea Mediterranean Midget

Olea Mediterranean Midget has silver to green foliage and a very low water requirement once established.

Athyrium Pewter Lace

An exceptional Japanese Painted Fern with pewter metallic foliage.

Verbena x peniviana Almira™ White

Large clusters of vibrant blooms grace the fresh green foliage during spring, summer and autumn; removing [ more ]