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Leptospermum scoparium Wiri Donna

A very hardy evergreen shrub with a back drop of thick, rich green foliage with a [ more ]

Lomandra cylindrica Lime Wave

Lomandra Lime Wave is an attractive selection of Lomandra featuring long bright green foliage, forming a [ more ]

Heuchera Amethyst Myst

Growing to around 20cm high x 40cm wide, Heuchera Amethyst Myst features amethyst coloured leaves with [ more ]

Hebe hybrida Bloomin’ Hebes Lilac Mist

Bloomin’ Hebes are a breeding breakthrough that have been bred to stand up to Australia’s vast [ more ]

Eucomis hybrid Dark Star

These flowers appear approximately 25cm above the foliage.

Calothamnus quadrifidus Golden Feathers

Golden Feathers™ is a very hardy shrub with long stems of vibrant green foliage and grows [ more ]

Phormium cookianum Purple Haze

This Phormium is a large flax with a clumping habit. Purple Haze has rich purple, semi [ more ]

Eucomis comosa Oakhurst

These Eucomis blooms are also great as a long lasting cut flower and appear approximately 75cm [ more ]

Campanula portenschlagniana x poscharskyana Birch Hybrid

An excellent hybrid Campanula displaying masses of violet-blue coloured, bell shaped flowers from mid spring through [ more ]

Grevillea rosmarinifolia x alpina Bonnie Prince Charlie

Compact, small growing, native shrub. Flowers are borne in spring and summer, also occasionally throughout the [ more ]