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Heliotropium arborescens Power Lavender

These stunning lavender blooms appear in spring through summer and have a lovely vanilla fragrance.

Leucophyta brownii nana Silver Nugget

This very compact form of the Silver Cushion Bush from the West Coast of Tasmania is [ more ]

Abelia Colour Wheel

Abelia Colour Wheel is a compact, low growing shrub featuring variegated glossy lime green foliage that [ more ]

Coreopsis Fruit Punch

Coreopsis Fruit Punch features self cleaning flowers and a naturally compact habit.

Cordyline Albertii

Cordyline Albertii is remarkable with a head of sword shaped green leaves that have a cream [ more ]

Gaillardia hybrida Realflor™ Celebration

These blooms appear on strong stems, are colourfast, and age well over an exceptionally long period. [ more ]

Heuchera sanguinea Black Taffeta

It is showy in containers, mixed beds and when planted en mass.

Hebe Turkish Delight

This beautiful new release has wonderful deep purple/bronze foliage. Dainty blue/mauve flowers appear in spring/summer

Leptospermum scoparium Wiri Susan

A very hardy evergreen shrub, with large single white flowers appearing in abundance during spring on [ more ]

Rubus ursinus Youngberry

The Berry Patch in a Pot™ Range features four great varieties of fruit that can be [ more ]