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Choisya x dewitteana White Dazzler

It flowers twice a year, features clusters of small white flowers, and has a lovely scent [ more ]

Cordyline australis Designer Burgundy

Cordyline Burgundy features spikes of scented white flowers. When these appear, they give the plant a [ more ]

Sarcococca hookeriana Winter Gem

Winter Gem features larger than average, glossy green leaves, with highly scented white flowers in winter.

Verbena x peniviana Almira™ Pink

Large clusters of vibrant blooms grace the fresh green foliage during spring, summer and autumn; removing [ more ]

Abelia grandifloraSparkles

Abelia Sparkles is a quick growing, colourful, compact, bushy shrub; it grows 1m x 1m and [ more ]

Abutilon hybrida Lucky Lantern White

Lucky Lantern White is a compact Abutilon growing 30cm x 30cm. An abundance of white blooms [ more ]

Leucadendron Red Devil

A lovely small shrub to 1m. Red Devil is a great addition to the garden, with [ more ]

Arthropodium cirrhatum Te Puna

A smaller growing and daintier form of Arthropodium, growing 40cm x 50cm. Leaves are more narrow [ more ]

Grevillea lanigera lutea

An evergreen spreading shrub with attractive narrow, pointed green leaves. Over a long period extending from [ more ]

Ficus obliqua compact form Figaro

Figaro is a naturally compact, bushy shrub with dark green foliage. Spectacular pink flushes appear in [ more ]