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Agonis flexuosa Pink Flamingo

Thin purple leaves that feature pink variegation sit gracefully upon long weeping branches, making Agonis Pink Flamingo a very unique specimen.

Key Features:
Agonis Pink Flamingo is a stunning plant that is an eye catcher in any garden.

Pink Flamingo will tolerate coastal conditions, but prefers a well drained soil. Agonis Pink Flamingo has best colour results when planted in a sunny position. It can be pruned to shape if desired. Fertilise with a long term slow release fertiliser in early spring.

Plant Landscape:
Agonis Pink Flamingo makes a stunning feature plant and looks great planted as a screen.

  • Max Height: 6m cm
  • Size: 6m x 8m
  • Position: Full Sun / Part Shade
  • Water Rating: 1