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Laurus Baby Bay (Dwarf Bay Leaf)

Laurus Baby Bay is an excellent new columnar growing selection

Key Features:
Baby Bay is a quicker growing Bay Tree with an upright coloumn formimg habit. Laurus Baby Bay is great for using with many recipes and features a delicious recipe on the back of the label.

Laurus Baby Bay rapidly grows to 2m making it perfect for small gardens, pots, and herb gardens. It is practically a no trim topiary. To ensure your Laurus Baby Bay plant remains looking fantastic we recommend planting in a large tub or decorative pot, or in the ground. Be sure to use a high quality grade potting mix, positioned in a sunny or partly shaded position.

Plant Landscape:
Laurus Baby Bay is the ideal choice for the smaller garden, pot & container work, not to forget use in the herb garden. It is very hardy and can tolerate a variety of conditions. Laurus Baby Bay is an excellent option for hedging those tight spaces in any landscape.

  • Max Height: 2m cm
  • Size: 2m x 2m
  • Water Rating: 1