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Agapanthus Agapetite

Agapetite is a non-invasive, sterile form of Agapanthus. As an ultra miniture Agapanthus growing to only 15cm, Agapanthus Agapetite has classic, pure white double blooms that appear above the foliage all summer long (reaching to only 20cm in height).

Key Features:
Agapanthus Agapetite has pure white, double blooms and is an eco-friendly variety of Agapanthus that is non-invasive.

Agapanthus Agapetite is very easy care and tolerant of a wide range of conditions from full sun to part shade. Protect Agapetite from harsh frosts while young and trim off old flower heads to encourage repeat flowering.

Plant Landscape:
The attractive lush green foliage and tidy form makes Agapanthus Agapetite a pretty addition to border a path or for mass planted under taller shrubs. Being so small Agapetite is perfect in pots, even a small pot indoors on the window sill while flowering!

  • Max Height: 15 cm
  • Size: 15cm x 15cm
  • Water Rating: 1