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Adenanthos serricea Silver Silk

Adenanthos Silver Silk is a very attractive small shrub with fine silver green foliage that covers every branch fully. It will grow to a size of 1.2m x 1m and has a compact bushy habit.

Key Features:
Soft green to silver silky foliage

Has a very low water requirement once it is established, it will tolerate drought and coastal conditions. It has a very hardy nature, tolerating also light to moderate frosts. Prune as required. Fertilise annually with a long term slow release native fertiliser.

Plant Landscape:
Silver Silk is ideal for low hedges and landscaping throughout your garden and designs.

  • Growth Rate: Moderate
  • Max Height: 1200 cm
  • Size: 1.2m x 1m
  • Position: Prefers full sun
  • Introduced: 2006
  • Water Rating: 1