Primula High Tea Irish Primrose Range

The new Primula High Tea Irish Primrose range has been developed in Ireland from varieties dating back to at least the early 1900’s and have been slowly bred in outdoor conditions over a period of 38 years.

Included in the range are Primula High Tea Avoca, Primula High Tea  Avondale, Primula High Tea Carrigdale, Primula High Tea Claddagh, Primula High Tea Drumcliff, Primula High Tea Dunbeg, Primula High Tea Glengariff, Primula High Tea Innisfree, and Primula High Tea Tara.

   Avoca    Avondale    Carrigdale
   Claddagh    Drumcliff    Dunbeg
   Glengariff    Innisfree    Tara

Gardeners will benefit from these plants being very hardy and tolerant to cold and icy conditions. This great new range of Primulas are intended to last as perennials and give value to gardeners.

They are perfect for all gardens and look great when planted in pots and containers. The Primula Irish Primrose range also look amazing when mass planted. These Primulas begin flowering from July through to November and are great in adding colour to your garden during the cooler months.





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