New Season Summer Plants

Yes, it is that time of year! Christmas, BBQ’s, the beach, hot weather, and spending quality time in the garden (either working or relaxing).

Here is Touch of Class Plants’ guide to a low maintenance Summer garden.

Lomandra Seascape

Non-invasive and easy to maintain, ideal for patio pots, rockeries and border perimeters, such as paths and retaining walls to create a softening effect by covering harsh edges. Mass plantings give a wonderful seaside or mediterranean feel to gardens, simulating a rippling ocean surface as the foliage is moved about in the breeze.

Scaevola Cobalt Candles

Cobalt Candles features an abundance of purple fan flowers from spring through to autumn on a back drop of fresh mid green foliage. A neat compact plant growing to approximately 30cm high x 50cm wide.  This hardy plant is great for hanging baskets, decorative pots and general gardening.

Dianthus Scent from Heaven Series

Scent from Heaven’ Dianthus are available in a range of three different flower colours and flower profusely almost all year round, except for the middle of winter. With very easy care requirements, these Dianthus are drought tolerant, suffer from few pests and diseases and require little to no maintenance.

Dahlia Dream Series

The Dressed to Impress™ range provides you with a living bunch of flowers. Enjoy long lasting blooms with the added value of a plant for your garden afterwards. Perfect for modern containers on the deck or patio, or as a colourful accent in the garden border. Best grown in full sun in rich moisture retentive soil. Dies down in winter before erupting again the following spring.

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