Have you watched The Garden Gurus lately?

Just in case you have misssed it, we have had five plants featured on The Garden Guru’s over the past few weeks. We have had a great response and awesome feedback over on our Facebook page, so we thought we would feature them in a little more depth here. There is a link below each plant where you can view even more details, enjoy!

Pittosporum Golfball

An existing new generation of Pittosporum. Golf Ball is a vigorous grower, yet stays very compact and round with little pruning. Branching freely from its base, it develops a very dense, multi-stemmed shape. Pittosporum Golfball has bright mint-green glossy leaves with small, inconspicuous chocolate-purple flowers in late spring/early summer. This evergreen specimen is low maintenance, and does not require pruning to form a neat, compact shape. Grows to around 60cm tall x 60cm wide.

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Cordyline Cabernett

Cordyline Cabernett is a stunning new architectural plant. It will grow to approximately 2 metres in height and with its mainly multi stemmed habit can be approximately 1.5 metres wide. The plant features wonderful foliage coloured just like a Cabernet red wine. This foliage is sword shaped and can reach lengths of 1.5 metres. After time, in summer, white to cream flowers appear high above the foliage on long drooping panicles. A stunning plant, for modern architectural gardens.

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Euphorbia Lipstick

A stunning Euphorbia growing to 1m, featuring vibrant green large leaves and stunning hot pink blooms from late winter through spring and summer. When in flower, bright lolly pink flowers appear. Euphorbia Lipstick prefers a warm position with plenty of light and free draining soil. Keep as dry as possible during winter. Prune lightly in summer months if required. A great addition to any garden, fantastic as a pot plant that can be moved indoors during the cold months.

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Acacia Dazzler

A hardy dwarf native growing to approximately 80cm high and 1m wide. Vibrant green fine foliage creates a soft compact mound. Acacia Dazzler has a dwarf habit and vibrant green fine foliage. A hardy shrub with a very low water requirement once established. A valuable addition to any garden or landscape, the fine foliage adds texture and a softening effect to the garden.

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Dahlia Dream Series

The Dahlia Dream Series has dark green foliage and bright, colourful blooms. This series features three Dahlia’s including Dream Catcher, Dream Seeker, and Dream Maker. Best grown in full sun in rich moisture retentive soil. Dies down in winter before erupting again the following spring. Perfect for modern containers on the deck or patio, or as a colourful accent in the garden border.

View more information on Dahlia Dream Catcher, Dahlia Dream Seeker, Dahlia Dream Maker

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