Edible Plants for a Chilly Winter.

Well, here in the southern states of Australia, Winter has certainly kicked in and it is freezing! With overnight lows of zero degrees, we thought we could offer a couple of solutions to help keep you warm!

Touch of Class Plants has always had edible plants in our range, but there are a couple that are perfect for beating the winter blues!

Laurus Flavour Master

What could be more perfect than making a warm, delicious soup to help keep you warm!? Laurus Flavour Master is the perfect addition to a tomato or vegetable soup (matter of fact; there is a delicous recipe on the back of the label) and can add plenty of flavour!

Flavor Master Bay Tree is the ideal choice for the smaller garden, pot and container, not to forget use in the herb garden! It is very hardy, and is an excellent option for hedging those tight spaces in any landscape.

Laurus Flavour Master will grow to a height of 1.8m and a width of 0.5m.

View more information on Laurus Flavour Master.

Rosemary Chef’s Choice

Roasts! Who doesn’t love a warm winter roast!

Rosemary Chef’s Choice is the perfect addition to this warming, winter dish. Being high in oil content makes it perfect as a garnish in a variety of dishes, and can bring a great burst of flavour! Included on the back of the label are a couple of great recipes for you to try.

Rosemary Chef’s Choice is perfect for decorative pots within your outdoor entertaining area. As an added bonus, Chef’s Choice has a great frangrance that can be enjoyed.

View more information on Rosemary Chef’s Choice.

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