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This month (April), we have Dianthus Scent from Heaven and Euphorbia Lipstick on show in the latest Burke’s Backyard Magazine. Be sure to pick up a copy as it looks great, and is filled with plenty of interesting articles!

Below is some more information for the Burke’s Backyard readers who have used the Microsoft Scan Tag to find out more information on Euphorbia Lipstick and Dianthus Scent from Heaven. Thanks!

Dianthus Scent from Heaven Range

Bred by the very well known, Dr Keith Hammett, the Dianthus ‘Scent from Heaven’ collection features extended flowering and marked improvement in its compact habit with a proliferation of flowers on a single plant compared to traditional Dianthus.

‘Scent from Heaven’ Dianthus are available in a range of three different flower colours and flower profusely almost all year round, except for the middle of winter. With very easy care requirements, these Dianthus are drought tolerant , suffer from few pests and diseases and require little to no maintenance.

By planting ‘Scent from Heaven’ Dianthus in full sun with a well drained soil with encourage more flowers and a tighter growing habit.

Euphorbia hybrid x Lipstick

A stunning Euphorbia growing to 1m, featuring vibrant green large leaves and stunning hot pink blooms from late winter through spring and summer.

Euphorbia Lipstick prefers a warm position with plenty of light and free draining soil. Keep as dry as possible during winter. Prune lightly in summer months if required.

It is a great addition to any garden, fantastic as a pot plant that can be moved indoors during the cold months.

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