Four More Modern Plants for Modern Gardens

Following on from our previous blog post of Modern Plants for Modern Gardens, we thought we would display four more modern plants that are perfect for modern gardens. Have a look below and let us know what you think on our Facebook, or in the comments section below

Carex Goldy Locks

This stunning Carex is a fast grower. It features green and creamy gold variegation through the foliage. This foliage has a weeping habit and is elegantly curled at the ends. Creates an excellent border and is a great addition to all modern gardens.

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Agonis Aftershock

Agonis Aftershock is a compact, rounded, evergreen shrub growing to 2m x 1m. This fantastic little native features burgundy foliage with purple tinged tips on vibrant stems. Agonis Aftershock is the perfect addition to your modern garden and is suitable for numerous applications, including hedging and visually softening the landscape.

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Cordyline Australis Choc Mint

This fantastic new Cordyline selection features chocolate brown and mint green variegated foliage giving it a striking apperance. The sword shaped leaves grow rigidly from the stem which forms with age. A great architectual plant for all modern gardens. Makes an excellent feature and looks fantastic in a modern, decorative pot.

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Agapanthus Pavlova

A stunning non-invasive dwarf Agapanthus that features large white flowers. The are nestled just on top of the foliage during all spring and summer. Is drought hardy.

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