Modern Plants for Modern Gardens.

Looking for modern plants to match your modern garden?

These plants are perfect for modern gardens with their stunning architectural form, vibrant colour, and perfect size.  They are all high impact and will look great by the pool, as a feature, or mass planted. For more information on each of the plants please click the read more link. This will take you to the individual plant profile page.

Acacia Dazzler

A hardy dwarf native growing to approximately 80cm high and 1m wide. Vibrant green foliage creates a soft compact mound. A valuable addition to any modern garden or landscape, the fine foliage adds texture and a softening effect to the garden.

Pittosporum Golfball

Golf Ball is a vigorous grower, yet stays very compact and round with little pruning. Branching freely from its base, it develops a very dense, multi-stemmed shape. It has bright mint-green glossy leaves with small, inconspicuous chocolate-purple flowers in late spring/early summer. This evergreen specimen is low maintenance, staying around 50cm tall x 50cm wide.

Cordyline Renegade

A dwarf Cordyline growing only 1m x 1m with a compact habit. It has glossy dark chocolate broad leaves upto 1m long that weep with age giving the plant a very smart look. This is complemented by strongly scented cream coloured flowers that are borne from many panicles above the foliage. A great architectual plant for all modern gardens. Makes an excellent feature plant and looks fantastic in a decorative pot.

Lomandra Seascape

A stunning selection of Lomandra with dark blue-grey foliage and a graceful weeping habit. During summer highly fragrant small yellow blooms appear that laden the air with a sweet aroma. Non-invasive and easy to maintain, ideal for patio pots, rockeries and border perimeters. Creates a softening effect by covering harsh edges that are common amongst modern designs. Mass plantings give a wonderful seaside or mediterranean feel to gardens, simulating a rippling ocean surface as the foliage is moved about in the breeze.

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