Have You Seen Our Seedless Agapanthus?

Are you interested in seedless or non-invasive Agapanthus? Touch of Class Plants have a range of Eco-Friendly Agapanthus that look great with a low impact on our environment!

So next time you are buying Agapanthus, try one of these new and improved varieties and most importantly be responsible and look for the Eco-Friendly logo.

For more information on each plant below, click the View More link.

Agapanthus Agapetite

Agapanthus Agapetite is different from all other Agapanthus with its extremely short stem that features vibrant, white flowers. This stem sits approximately 10cm above the bright green foliage, making it a very unique little plants. Is non-invasive and requires little water.  This plant will be available in garden centres soon. View more information on Agapanthus Agapetite

Agapanthus Pavlova

A stunning non-invasive dwarf Agapanthus that features large white flowers. The are nestled just on top of the foliage during all spring and summer. Is drought hardy. View more information on Agapanthus Pavlova

Agapanthus Finn

Another attractive dwarf Agapanthus featuring masses of white flowers that are born on stems above the foliage. All year round Agapanthus Finn features fresh green foliage. Is drought hardy with a low water requirement once established. View more information on Agapanthus Finn

Agapanthus Little Boy Blue

Agapanthus Little Boy Blue is a non-invasive, compact dwarf Agapanthus, that features seedless blue flowers from late Spring to Summer. A perfect plant for informal borders in a low maintenance garden. View more information on Agapanthus Little Boy Blue

If you are after a garden featuring Agapanthus’ that are low-maintenance and full of colour, without having them pop up everywhere, be sure to check out our Eco-Friendly Agapanthus range.

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